About LegUpTools


Hello, I’m Tom Robinson, the owner of LegUpTools, and developer of the PDF to editable InDesign file convertor.

For many years I worked with organizations in the UK on print and design projects – print design was often undertaken locally by non-designers using whatever apps they both felt comfortable with and had access to, such as Canva, PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, Google Docs, and Pages. My job involved editing their designs, so they looked professional, were-on-brand, and suitable for print production or for publishing online.

This often meant requesting a PDF from the client, then recreating the layout in InDesign. I would open the client PDF in Illustrator to get at the path objects, save the PDF as Word to get the text, and extract the images from Acrobat Pro to get the images, then build an InDesign document from these assets. Which was usually a time-consuming process, that felt very unproductive. So, it was a natural step for me to build a PDF to editable InDesign file convertor.

If you have any feedback on the convertor, or I can be of any help as you use the app, then please contact me direct at tom@leguptools.com