Frequently asked questions

Firstly create an account, to which two free page credits will be added. Then, if needed, buy additional credits to cover the pages in your PDF file. Credits cost $0.25 each, the minimum you can purchase is two credits. One credit equals one page. Then upload your PDF file, after about 10 minutes you'll receive an email with a link to download the editable InDesign file with a folder of linked images

Our converted files are in IDML format, so can be opened in any version of InDesign from CS4 onwards, including all Creative Cloud versions.

We require users to create accounts for us to correctly assign purchased credits to the right user.

Files are securely stored on Microsoft Azure Cloud storage, which employs robust security measures. We store your files solely for the purposes of processing the conversion of your uploaded file to InDesign format. Access to your files is strictly limited to automated processes necessary for converting your uploaded file to InDesign format, with no human access to file content unless explicitly authorized by you for support purposes. The download link that is specifically generated for your converted file expires in 24 hours. Your uploaded and converted files are also deleted once the download link expires.

If, after examining your converted InDesign file, you feel dissatisfied, simply reply to the download email. We'll either restore your page credits or refund the purchase to your payment card - whichever you prefer.

Extracting content with accurate formatting from PDFs is difficult. Some page items, for example some types of complex nested lists, will convert poorly. Although our tests show a 97% satisfaction rate, that means around 3% might not meet your expectations. Thus, to ensure complete customer satisfaction, we strictly adhere to a full refund policy.

Yes, converters are also available from Markzware and Recosoft. They charge a one-off fee, so work out cheaper than our converter if you have thousands of pages to convert.

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